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Free Fire Rank Season 22 Rewards, Elite pass, Start Date & Time

Free Fire Rank Season 22 Rewards, Elite pass, Start Date & Time

Free Fire Rank Season 22 Rewards, Elite pass, Start Date & Time

Free Fire Rank Season 22 Rewards, Elite pass, Start Date & Time, and new ranks are here. Check Free Fire Ranked season 22 news from here. Ranked Searson 21 of Free Fire is going to end on 2nd June 2021. Now you must be wanting to know which Free Fire rank season 22 will start on which date. Let us make it clear that there is no delay in the new season. Free Fire Season 22 will release on the same day as season 21 ends.

Free Fire Rank Season 22

Free Fire Season 22 will also be available for 2 months as in all previous seasons. As the new season starts, the players will get the chance to push their rank and grab more and more rewards. Season 22 rewards and other important details related to the new season are now available on our portal. You must check out the below-given rewards, redeem codes, and other details.

The new Season will have various new features and rewards. Currently, Season 38 of the Free Fire game is to be announced. For now, Free Fire has announced the 22nd-ranked season on its official channels. Now the players will be able to play new featured events and much more with this season.

Free Fire Ranked Season 22 Start date & Time

As we know that the current season will end on 2nd July 2021. The New Season i.e. Ranked season 22 will also start on the same day. On 2nd July 2021, at 12:20 PM, Free Fire Ranked season 22 will be launched officially. The players who were waiting for this season will now get to play their favorite game online.

Free Fire Season 22 Rank reset

As always, the ranks of the players will reset with the new season. It always causes a drop in player rank. As we know that a player whose current rank is Diamond, he/she will start with Gold I in the new season. Whose rank is Gold I, he/she will start with Silver I in the new season? We are providing you with a table to show how Free Fire ranks will reset with the new season.

Current RankNew Rank
Heroic Gold II
Diamond (I to IV) Gold I
Platinum (I to IV) Silver II
Gold (I to IV) Silver I
Silver (I to III) Bronze II
Bronze (I to III) Bronze I

Free Fire Rank Season 22 Rewards

Free Fire doesn’t just lower the ranks in the new season but also provides rewards according to the rank of the player. This Free Fire Season 22 rewards will be given to the players according to the rank they have achieved. The lowest rank in the game is Bronze and the highest is Heroic and Grandmaster.

Below we have provided the Free Fire Season 22 rewards details for you.

RankSeason 22 Rewards
Bronze I 1000 Gold Coins
Bronze II 1000 Gold Coins
Bronze III 1000 Gold Coins
Silver I 1500 Gold Coins
Silver II 1500 Gold Coins
Silver III 1500 Gold Coins
Gold I 2000 Gold Coins
Gold II 2000 Gold Coins
Gold III 2000 Gold Coins
Gold IV 2000 Gold Coins
Platinum I 2500 Gold Coins
Platinum II 2500 Gold Coins
Platinum III 2500 Gold Coins
Platinum IV 2500 Gold Coins
Diamond I 3000 Gold Coins
Diamond II 3000 Gold Coins
Diamond III 3000 Gold Coins
Diamond IV 3000 Gold Coins
Heroic 5000 Gold Coins + Season 21 Heroic Avatar
Grandmaster Grandmaster Avatar (60 Days) + Grandmaster Banner (60 Days)

This is all we know about the New Free Fire Rank season 22. We will be updating more information in the coming times.

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