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Use Your Imagination Wisely

Self development tip for today :

Use Your Imagination Wisely

Your imagination is a powerful tool when used correctly but it can be your worst enemy when it is used in a negative and self defeating ways making you feel bad and even do or say things that you may later regret. 
You have heard the saying “You are only limited by your imagination”.
Things usually go something like this, you find out you have something you need to do, your still largely primitive mind immediately focuses on things going wrong which causes a fearful response.
You try not to think about the forthcoming even because it is making you feel anxious or nervous but you probably find out you cannot get what your worried about out of your mind and the more you think about what you have to do the more your programming yourself to feel anxious and nervous when you have to face the situation for real.
Your imagination can play all sorts of tricks on you but do not get emotionally involved with it, sucked in bye it or accept your imagination as being the truth or the only option.  
When this happens and you find yourself worrying about a forth coming situation or you find yourself envisaging things about other people that makes you feel insecure, frustrated or angry. 
Pause for a second and take some slow deep breaths and relax your body, ask yourself is this the truth.
Then Start to become the observer of your mind but not the follower and either let it go or flip your imagination around in your favour and start to imagine things going well and make this a habit.

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